Friday, November 28, 2008

Show where have you been on Google Maps


Powered by 29travels

29travels has created a great tool to create your very own personal travel map. Simple by ticking a few countries from a list you can get a short piece of code to show your friends where you have been in the world.

Creating a personal travel map is very easy. First select a continent and then tick the countries you have visited. Next, choose the size of the map you want and the colour you want the countries to be shaded.

Et voila ... you have your very own personal travel map.

Once you embed the iframe in your own web page or blog you can show the world everywhere you have been. The embedded map shows the countries you have visited by shading them your chosen colour. Your embedded map also contains a drop down menu of the countries you have visited. Selecting a country you have visited from the menu will centre the map on that country.


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