Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween logos 2008

Today is Halloween, Google releases its Halloween logo all over the world. New Zealand's top 1 auction website also has its own logo to celebrate Halloween.

Halloween (or Hallowe’en) is an international holiday celebrated on October 31.

Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, ghost tours, bonfires, costume parties, visiting haunted attractions, carving jack-o'-lanterns, reading scary stories, and watching horror movies. Irish immigrants carried versions of the tradition to North America in the nineteenth century. Other western countries embraced the holiday in the late twentieth century. Halloween is celebrated in several countries of the Western world, most commonly in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and at times in parts of Australia.

Description from wikipedia


Should join OpenID?

Have you heard about OpenID? I've recently read a lot about it from different blogs. OpenID eliminates the need for multiple usernames across different websites, simplifying user’s online experience. More info

TechCrunch reports that Microsoft and Google announce OpenID support.

We are in the middle of the development of Stuff 3.0 project. One of the key features is to allow readers to personalize their homepages, which will require users to sign up. I am thinking if we want to integrate OpenID and let our users to login with their Gmail, yahoo accounts? is one of the websites accepts Gmail and Yahoo accounts.


Normally, when you use your email address as your OpenID credential, the OpenID enabled site (the 'relying party') goes back to your OpenID provider and looks for a specific file (XRDS) on the server. However, Google chose not to implement this part of the OpenID ecosystem when it launched its OpenID implementation yesterday and made developers rely on Google's own API instead.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Street View Italy is Live

Google Maps Street View was rolled out for Spain on Monday, and now Thursday(New Zealand local time) it’s live for Italy too. It is quick, Cities are available to enjoy so far are: Milan, Florence, Rome and Lake Como.

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Which country do you think will be next? Germany, I bet.
Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy birthday to turns 3 years old today. I was part of zoomin team from Nov 2006 to July 2008, this site means too much to me, not only because I spent lot of time on the site, but also I learnt a lot of web tech while working on it. From front end design to back end functionalities implementation, from traffic stats analysis to database administration.

Here is some main changes that have happened over the last 3 years.




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The Sagrada Familia

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La Pedrera (Casa Milà)
Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Street View Spain is Live

After launching Street View in the US, Australia, Japan and France, Google will expand the coverage to Spain ( Street View pictures for Spain) for the cities Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Sevilla. The Google Operating System Blog says next countries will be Italy, Germany, UK and the Netherlands, after Google launched Australia street view in early August, I thought New Zealand would be the next country. Obviously, I am a bad predictor, just need a little bit more patience.......

The French blog Zorgloob estimates that Google's cameras take 8 simultaneous photos every 5 meters and each compressed photo has about 1 MB. That means each kilometer adds 1.6 GB of data.

Google 黑板报 -- 谷歌2008发布商峰会在北京成功举办



这次峰会是 AdSense 本年度最为盛大的活动,我们希望通过这次峰会搭建一个多方沟通的平台,和我们的发布商,以及业内专家一起,深入探讨互联网、技术和商业发展,分享观点和案例,为未来的提高改进提供反馈建议,协同创造良好的生态发展系统。

大 会由李开复博士致欢迎词,我们还很荣幸地邀请到了尼尔森中国合资公司华瑞网标 (CR-Nielsen)CEO 庾良建先生、道琼斯数码销售总监 Nellie Chan 女士、以及 AdSense 全球最大的合作伙伴之一 的创始人Christopher Knight 先生,与发布商们分享互联网行业和在线广告的发展和未来展望。

会上正式发布了中文版谷歌广告管理系统(Google Ad Manager)。这个系统可以帮助您更方便地管理网站广告并跟踪广告效果,给网站带来更加便捷、高效的广告体验。






在过去的三年中, AdSense和发布商伙伴们一起取得了骄人的成绩。在未来,我们会一如既往,保持关注,加强沟通,与发布商共同成长!

点击 此处观看更多现场视频
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Experience The Great Firewall outside China

China Channel offers a Firefox extension for those outside of China mainland that aims to let you experience the web – and the Chinese web censorship – as if you were within China. Not sure how well this works at all times (for instance, I heard that sometimes different locations within China show different blocks). When I installed the China Channel add-on and then searched for falun gong, I received a “connection interrupted” instead of the Google result page – without any doing of Google, I suppose, but based on the URL’s parameter with functionality coming from the Chinese Ministry of Information.
Unlike many tools which enable Chinese people to freely surf the web via connections to computers outside of China, this plugin routes all internet traffic to computers on the inside of the GFW(Great FireWall of China), allowing web surfers to experience an Internet identical to that of Chinese.
Friday, October 24, 2008

Google at 10

Google Reverse Geocoder released

Google has released reverse geocoder to the Google Maps API.

Geocoding is the process of converting an address into a latitude and longitude.


Reverse Geocoding
Reverse Geocoding is, not surprisingly, the reverse of geocoding. Instead of converting an address into a latitude and longitude it is the process of converting the latitude and longitude into an address.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yahoo is cutting off 10% staff globally

Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang sent the email below to all Yahoo’ers says: 10% of you are fired.

The full email: (from

From: Jerry Yang []
Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2008 2:20 PM
Subject: update


i feel it’s important for me to reach out to you after our earnings announcement, and before our all hands meeting tomorrow.

we as a company have been through a tremendously challenging year; and managing the increasingly turbulent global advertising climate has been an important focus for the last three months.

throughout the first three quarters of 2008, we have been balancing between investing in our top priorities, and managing our cost structure. beginning in september, with the help of Bain & Co., we initiated a series of steps to determine how we can become more efficient and productive as an organization.

we heard from you through the YEES survey, and through your suggestions on backyard, and we’ve identified many areas that we all feel we can improve upon. our productivity efforts, based in part on what we heard from you, will involve initiatives such as streamlining our organizational structure through reducing layers and increasing spans of control, and eliminating redundancies. longer term structural efficiencies include consolidating facilities, improving procurement, and standardizing our global technology platforms.

today as part of our q3 earnings release, we said that our goal is to reduce our current annualized cost run rate of roughly $3.9 billion by more than $400 million before the end of 2008. we are targeting non-headcount expenses wherever possible, such as facilities and outside services. however, because compensation expenses are the single largest part of our costs, we anticipate a reduction of at least 10% of our global workforce by year-end.

affected employees will be notified of layoffs in the next several weeks. we understand that hearing this news now creates uncertainty, but we are moving ahead in a way that balances speed with a clear focus on accomplishing what is necessary to set the organization up for long term success. going forward it will continue to be important for us to make the right decisions to keep our business efficient and strong.

having layoffs is very difficult, particularly in light of all we’ve experienced this year. but we don’t take these decisions lightly, and are committed to treating affected employees fairly, offering severance and outplacement services.

the steps we are taking are not easy for us as a company, but as we become more fit as an organization, decision-making will be faster and it will be easier for us all to get more done and stay focused on our strategy. these changes will also prepare us to better deal with the macroeconomic downturn. as with previous downturns, yahoo! continues to be a place where consumers turn for information and communications, and is an integral part of their internet day. as the global economy improves in the future, i certainly believe that we will be stronger and benefit from the actions we are taking now.

as always, i thank you for all you do as yahoos.



Yahoo globally has 14300 staff, 10% gonna be 1430 will be fired at the end of the year. Jerry really should sell his company when Microsoft's US$44.6 billion bid for Yahoo in early Feb this year, isn't it???


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Global Social Networks Market Share Map

World Map of Social Networks - click to enlarge

This world map courtesy Oxyweb should help you visualize the popularity of various social networks across different parts of the globe.

Oxyweb has used Alexa traffic data to determine the popularity of social sites so the margin of error stands high.

You might also want to see Global instant message market share map

RSS usage marketing report

Forrester Research today published a new report on North America of RSS. According to the research, of the 89% of those who don't use feeds only 16% say they're interested in using them.
Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Made from New Zealand kicked off

Made from New Zealand, set up to promote locally developed businesses, launched its website yesterday. The site describes itself as an open global community for all businesses founded or owned by New Zealanders. Kiwi companies and entrepreneurs can now link to each other through the internet to help build their businesses.

Steve Adams introduced the Made from New Zealand concept on Waitangi Day last year, organising more than 1000 Kiwis to build a 100m-long silver fern sand sculpture on Santa Monica beach, Los Angeles.

John Clegg from ProjectX, my previous boss, who is one of the entrepreneurs behind it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Google logo -- Sydney Opera House

I have been to Sydney twice, I enjoyed the Sydney Opera House each time when i was there. Especially on 2004 new year eve, I was waiting to see the amazing fireworks in Sydney harbor just under the opera house.

Today it's 35 years old since Queen Elizabeth II opened the iconic building, so I thought I'd send my birthday wishes!

Joern Utzon's famous creation is instantly recognised by millions worldwide as an Australian cultural icon and one of Australian most famous landmarks.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Queen Elizabeth II visits Google's London office

The company celebrated the queen's visit by creating a special version of its home page, which featured a silhouette of her head as the second "G" and a regal crown atop the "E" in their logo.

She sent her first e-mail in 1976. She has her own Web site. And on Thursday, Queen Elizabeth II uploaded video to YouTube during a visit to Google's British headquarters. The queen, 82, herself has a presence on YouTube — she launched the Royal Channel in December. There are 54 videos on the channel, which range from the Queen's 1957 Christmas message to a day in the life of Prince Charles.
Thursday, October 16, 2008

HTTP Status Messages Reference Guide

1xx: Information

Message: Description:
100 Continue Only a part of the request has been received by the server, but as long as it has not been rejected, the client should continue with the request
101 Switching Protocols The server switches protocol

2xx: Successful

Message: Description:
200 OK The request is OK
201 Created The request is complete, and a new resource is created
202 Accepted The request is accepted for processing, but the processing is not complete
203 Non-authoritative Information
204 No Content
205 Reset Content
206 Partial Content

3xx: Redirection

Message: Description:
300 Multiple Choices A link list. The user can select a link and go to that location. Maximum five addresses
301 Moved Permanently The requested page has moved to a new url
302 Found The requested page has moved temporarily to a new url
303 See Other The requested page can be found under a different url
304 Not Modified
305 Use Proxy
306 Unused This code was used in a previous version. It is no longer used, but the code is reserved
307 Temporary Redirect The requested page has moved temporarily to a new url

4xx: Client Error

Message: Description:
400 Bad Request The server did not understand the request
401 Unauthorized The requested page needs a username and a password
402 Payment Required You can not use this code yet
403 Forbidden Access is forbidden to the requested page
404 Not Found The server can not find the requested page
405 Method Not Allowed The method specified in the request is not allowed
406 Not Acceptable The server can only generate a response that is not accepted by the client
407 Proxy Authentication Required You must authenticate with a proxy server before this request can be served
408 Request Timeout The request took longer than the server was prepared to wait
409 Conflict The request could not be completed because of a conflict
410 Gone The requested page is no longer available
411 Length Required The "Content-Length" is not defined. The server will not accept the request without it
412 Precondition Failed The precondition given in the request evaluated to false by the server
413 Request Entity Too Large The server will not accept the request, because the request entity is too large
414 Request-url Too Long The server will not accept the request, because the url is too long. Occurs when you convert a "post" request to a "get" request with a long query information
415 Unsupported Media Type The server will not accept the request, because the media type is not supported
417 Expectation Failed

5xx: Server Error

Message: Description:
500 Internal Server Error The request was not completed. The server met an unexpected condition
501 Not Implemented The request was not completed. The server did not support the functionality required
502 Bad Gateway The request was not completed. The server received an invalid response from the upstream server
503 Service Unavailable The request was not completed. The server is temporarily overloading or down
504 Gateway Timeout The gateway has timed out
505 HTTP Version Not Supported The server does not support the "http protocol" version
Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty

Blog Action Day is an annual nonprofit event that aims to unite the world’s bloggers to post about the same issue on the same day. The aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion.

Each blogger brings their own perspective and ideas to their blog post, and each blogger engages their audience differently.

First and last, the purpose of Blog Action Day is to create a discussion. Bloggers are asked to take a single day out of their schedule and focus it on an important issue.

On Blog Action Day, the blogging community effectively changes the conversation on the web and focuses audiences around the globe on that issue. Out of this discussion naturally flow actions, advice, ideas and plans.

In 2007 on the theme of the Environment, bloggers ran environmental experiments, detailed innovative ideas on creating sustainable practices and brought attention to organizations and companies promoting green agendas.

In 2008 the aim is to focus the blogging community’s energies and passions on the mammoth issue of global poverty.

Blog Action Day is about mass participation and anyone is free to join in! There is no limit on the number of posts, the type of posts or the direction of thoughts and opinions.

A Google Maps mash-up from the World Bank provides country data, news and statistics. Countries whose populations have a low income are highlighted on the map with red markers.

The map also provides information on World Bank projects in each country and news, income levels and the location of their public information centres.
Geo-World Bank
World Bank map
Monday, October 13, 2008

Google Maps mashup -- NZ Election Tracker

Today another New Zealand's popular news site launches the election tracker, allowing you to find out where the leaders of the main parties are.

Using a Google Maps mash-up they've developed an application which shows where the leaders are and when. Click here to see the election tracker. This is a static Google map mashup, which is simply to use.

Google logo -- Paddington Bear

Fifty years ago, on 13th October 1958 "A Bear Called Paddington" was first published.

To celebrate this important anniversary launched its Paddington Bear logo.

Paddington Bear is a fictional character in children's literature. He first appeared in 1958 and was subsequently featured in several books, most recently in 2008, written by Michael Bond and first illustrated by Peggy Fortnum. The polite immigrant bear from Darkest Peru, with his old bush hat, battered suitcase and marmalade sandwiches has become a classic English children's literature icon. Paddington books have been translated into thirty languages across seventy titles and sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. Over 265 licensees, making thousands of different products across the UK, Europe, USA, Southeast Asia, Japan, Australia and South Africa all benefit from the universal recognition of Paddington Bear.

Paddington is an anthropomorphised bear. He is always polite (always addressing people as "Mr.", "Mrs." and "Miss" and very rarely by first names) and well-meaning (though he inflicts hard stares on those who incur his disapproval), likes marmalade sandwiches and cocoa, and has an endless capacity for getting into trouble. However, he is known to "try so hard to get things right".
Description from  wikipedia
Sunday, October 12, 2008

Google launches NZ election page

A link "New Zealand election tool" on , which takes users to its newly released NZ election page. The page contains two tools:
iGoolge Gadaget. Users can follow the latest election videos, blog posts, happenings and have the latest in election news delivered right to users personalised iGoogle homepage.

Election Debate on Youtube. Allows users to submit their questions to Helen Clark and John Key and you could see it live on the ONE News YouTube Election Debate, Tuesday October 14th on TV ONE.

The Google NZ election tools are pretty handy, and I am thinking if Google adds my NZ election map on its election page, it would be prefect! What do you reckon?
Friday, October 10, 2008

Shake it -- awesome ad ever

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Official Google Blog: The ONE News YouTube Election Debate in New Zealand

Official Google Blog: The ONE News YouTube Election Debate in New Zealand

This Google Map mash-up allows users to select any of the New Zealand electorates. When an electorate is chosen from the map sidebar a shaded polygon displays the electorate boundary on the map. If you click on any of the displayed electorates an information window opens indicating which electorate has been clicked.

Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Stop sending mail you later regret

Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Stop sending mail you later regret

Monday, October 6, 2008

Web3.0 needs to wait for 5 to 7 more years

福布斯网站发表Sramana Mitra署名文章指出,Web3.0尚未到来的原因在于个性化仍未实现,而要真正迎来Web3.0还需要5到7年的时间。Sramana Mitra拥有麻省理工电子工程和计算机科学双硕士学位,是硅谷著名创业家和顾问。


互联网下一个进化阶段将是关于"垂直化"的进化。关于Web3.0的定义,我设想为Web 3.0 = 4C+P+VS (4C:内容、商业、社区和情景;P:个性化;VS:垂直搜索)。虽然,我们已经看到很多公司在垂直领域(包括垂直搜索、广告网络、社交网络等)里出现, 但作为4C+P+VS用户体验融合的Web3.0仍然尚未到来,这是因为最重要的个性化P(Personalization)仍未实现。


  TheFind,这是一家致力于时尚、生活垂直产品搜索引擎开发的公司,位于加州Mountain View。今年年初,其独立访问用户数大约为每月100万,但到8月份,这个数字上升到700万,而且预计在年底节日季节里独立访问用户将达每月1000万。

  "我们的搜索特征能很好地跟踪我们的设计目标,我们大约1/3的搜索都是集中在服装搜索,所以,如果你用服装+家庭+珠宝+美容来搜索的话就可以包括我们2/3的搜索",TheFind首席执行官Siva Kumar说道。



  TheFind的覆盖范围相当广:包含来自50万家电子商务网站的2.5个产品以及30万个房产信息。而且,TheFind通过搜索广告费获得收入,还从专注于女性垂直广告网络Glam Media公司赢得不少显示广告的收入。

  另外一家要介绍的公司Kosmix也是建在Mountain View,其致力于建立"每个主题的主页"。该公司使用一种叫"分类系统"(taxonomies)的技术,用于建立个性化的垂直网站。基于Kosmix 技术建立的网站包括RightHealth、RightAutos和RightTrips,他们分别专注于健康、汽车和旅游。这些垂直网站的访问流量从 2007年7月的320万增长到2008年8月的1130万。根据HitWise的数据,RightHealth已经成为第二大最频繁访问的健康网站。根 据comScore数据,在过去一年的时间里,RightHealth的访问用户从240万增长到620万,年增长率为156%。

  就像同在Mountain View的Google一样,TheFind和Kosmix两家公司都拥有深厚的技术力量、大量的拥有计算机博士学位的人才。在过去的两到三年里,像他们 两家这样的垂直搜索公司大量出现,包括Kayak,、Mobissimo,、SimplyHired,、Indeed等等。他们中的一些正在经历强劲的收 入增长。





  然而,我坚信在未来的数年里我们正在向着一个更个性化、更令人满意的用户体验进化。毕竟,我们从1995到2005年才从Web1.0进化到 Web2.0。现在仅仅呆在Web2.0才三年,可能我们也必须在这个阶段呆上5到7年才能迎来真正的创新突破,才能到达Web3.0。 Logo - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is International Breast Cancer Awareness Month. has changed its logo to a pink color, because during Breast Cancer Awareness Month each October, people raise money by organizing activities such as theme parties or a "pink day" (when employees wear pink clothing or accessories) at work. The money raised is donated to the organizers' choice of breast cancer care or research programs.

Estee Lauder Companies has arranged to have more than a dozen world-famous landmarks illuminated in pink light to draw attention to the importance of mammography screening for early diagnosis of breast cancer as well as the research for finding ways to cure and prevent breast cancer. The Skytower in Auckland will be the landmark for New Zealand, the Australian one is Sydney Harbour Bridge
Friday, October 3, 2008

YUI 2.6.0 Released: Carousels, Paginators

Nate Koechley has announced YUI 2.6.0 final:

2.6.0 introduces a new Carousel Control, offers the Paginator Control for general use (it was previously bundled with DataTable), includes more than 450 total fixes, enhancements and optimizations, graduates eight components out of “beta,” and now ships with more than 290 functional examples.
To go along with the carousel and paginator controls, you will also find details on updates too: TreeView, Calendar, Rich Text Editor, Drag & Drop, Uploader, DataTable, AutoComplete, and Container.
Thursday, October 2, 2008

NZ electorate map mashup on Google Maps Mania Blog

Google Maps Mania An unofficial Google Maps blog tracking the websites, mashups and tools being influenced by Google Maps. It is also the largest collection of Google Maps mash-ups.

Yesterday, Google Maps Mania posted an article titled November Election Map it is about New Zealand electorate map mashup I have built lately. I am feeling happy to see my work being recognized in this way.

It is said:
"Hopefully this is the first of many New Zealand election Google Maps mash-ups. For example, it would be very easy to colour the electorate boundaries on this map to indicate which political party currently holds the seat."

I think this simple map app probably be the first Google maps mush up on NZ election. it will be used for the election section of

Yahoo's Chinese National Day logo

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

China's National Day

今天是中华人民共和国59岁华诞, 基于价值观的考虑,Google是肯定不会推出纪念Logo的。但是我们还是庆幸我们的国产search engine百度给我们带来的惊喜!---- 蛙人logo。





百度那个蛙人称作抓髻娃娃, 我在Google Image 搜索抓髻娃娃得到多种多样的图案,我不敢与其中一种苟同,但至少不是百度的蛙人。

What is the height of universe?

This beautiful art and science combine at XKCD describes how far from us to the top of the universe.