Thursday, December 11, 2008

Improvements in the pipeline for has some exciting news...

Not only the Christmas logo but also some significant improvements are in the pipeline for as we (Fairfax Digital) prepare to launch a major upgrade of the design and underlying infrastructure of

Our planned enhancements to early in the new year will significantly improve user experience and position us for even greater growth in 2009 and beyond.

As part of the upgrade, we will also be integrating BusinessDay and RugbyHeaven sites into the portal, providing you with even more accessibility.

Wait, there's more..

To ensure we continue to offer the fastest and most reliable breaking news at, we are investing in our digital publishing platform. These improvements will offer you a technically advanced media experience, including faster page loads and also allow our editors to publish their stories at breakneck speed.

Excited?... You should be.

Watch this space!


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