Wednesday, December 24, 2008

IE Tester: Test Your Sites with Multiple Versions of IE

If you’re a Web designer or developer, you might be tempted to layer flashy functionality and other cool features on your site that may only work in certain browsers. While it may be easier to just tell your site visitors to use a browser that you prefer, unfortunately professional Web designers and developers have to take into account their audience before designing applications and services for the Web. Even though browsers like Firefox, Opera, and Safari are gaining ground in the browser wars like never before, there’s still reason to test your site for Internet Explorer, and IE Tester can help you make sure your site works in everything from IE 5.5, IE 6, IE 7 and IE 8 beta



IE Tester is a tiny application that’s currently in alpha, so expect some bugs. Even so, the app is actively developed and completely free to download and use. The app doesn’t even plug in to Internet Explorer, so if you’re looking to test a page, you can simply open IE Tester, open a new tab, and select the browser that you’d like to test your page with.

Known problems and limitations:
  • When resizing, the content may disappear. I am working to correct it on the next version.
  • The Previous/Next buttons are not working properly
  • Focus is not working properly
  • Java applets are not working
  • Flash is not working on IE6 instance.


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