Monday, July 13, 2009

The new TradeMe layout in my eyes

TradeMe launched their site last week, the first impression to me was neat and clean looks like a modern website, but I still don't like its color combo strong blue and strong yellow. Secondly the loading speed is even more faster. (Maybe I am using Firefox3.5 ^_^)

I am really interested in people's feedbacks on the redesign, so I roughly went through trademe users comments about new layout, not surprisingly about 95% users hate it. Just like we launched the third generation of in March, it again has proved that People hate changes! From's experience, what I can say is keep eyes on what users do and react to that rather than paying too much attention on what they say they are going to do.

For me as a developer, there are things about this new design that I think are noteworthy,
  1. The fixed width (1020px) canvas makes me concentrate on the content, significantly easier to scan the listings.
  2. Finally, TradeMe replaced the endless nested <table> tags with nested <ul> for listings.
  3. Clean and optimized CSS, CSS Sprite in use.
Surprisingly, I found this HTML comment on the top of the Trade Me homepage:
<!-- If you're looking at our HTML source, you're exactly the personwho should send us your resume. View current vacancies at -->

Should I send? ^_&

Lastly, TradeMe is already 10 years old since it launched in 1999, if you are interested, you can review its footprints at Rowan Simpson's blog.


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