Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Daniel Wang

Who am I?

Daniel WangMy name is Daniel Wang, who was born and raised in Xi'an, China, moved out here to Wellington New Zealand since end of 2002. Obtained computer science degree at Victoria University of Wellington, and started career as a web developer.

I am passionate about the web as a communications tool and committed to exploring the use of new technologies. I have been studying cutting edge technologies in this field for more than three years. This gave me a good overview of internet world and has primed me for the work force in web development. I am constantly looking for an opportunity to further and widely develop professional career in web industry.

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What do I do?

I am taking a role at Fairfax Digital the online division of Fairfax Media New Zealand, mainly working on - one of New Zealand’s leading news websites. My role focus on the front-end design of, mainly HTML,CSS and javascript programming. I also build interactive widgets that aim to enhance the user’s experience without confusing them. To see some of the projects I’ve been developing recently please visit the portfolio.

How did I get into web development?

Summer of Code New Zealand is an internship programme, which gives Computer Science and Engineering students the opportunity to work in cool Tech companies over the summer. Students will gain on the job experience, get paid and learn from the best minds in the business about their knowledge on cutting edge technologies. I was lucky to join the first internship programme 2006/2007 working for ProjectX Technology Ltd as a web developer and database guru during my last trimester at Victoria University. After the internship programme I was employed as a full time staff at ProjectX Technology Ltd. My responsibilities are mainly focus on web application development by using Ruby on Rails and database design.

Why do I blog?

I often use this blog as a testing platform for new techniques and ideas, especially when it comes to HTML5+CSS3, SEO and SMO integration. I sometimes write about the results of these experiments both here on my blog and elsewhere.

What do I want to do in the future?

I hope to do something what I can continually develop my skills in internet industry. I want to be constantly innovating and creating new things… I want to build a most popular overseas Chinese website in the world. That’s the dream!